Club Penguin Glitches,Hints and Tips

your #1 fan iceyflake31


icey back in buisness

Just a wave from the penguin as a hint of …. wait for it …. BACK IN BUISNESS, long story short since i just explained my whole story but screwed up since i haven’t blogged in a while and i’ve not yet cracked both hands in and adjusted to wordpress since it’s been a long time, almost 3 years, i found the email that belonged to my account iceyflake31 and thanks to ” Redguin12 ” for some reason he listed me as a ” famous ” penguin in his opinion on his forum and that gave me the sense of joy and that the endless hours day and night and 3 years of blogging, advertising, and spicing things up paid off and also for the fact i live by the ” anything is possible ” moddo, literally ….. but i’ll post everything from club penguin, have a post for small things such as the layout or different features and such but it will be interesting of course, and just so you can know me a little more and kind of give me an ego in your head personally so all my readers can feel like family and home i’m gonna throw my opinion on new features and such, whether i think they’re smart ideas or WM garbage, but of course acknowledge the game will always be the best multiplayer idea ever made in an unliteral way, basically just giving an opinion and not putting the team down they’ve came a long way from cp chat as we all know. look for me on club penguin though i’ll be at any server at any time and i had to create my penguin again because it got canceled out the system or such from lack of use so i only have like 2 colors and a hat but still, the work speaks for itself 🙂 … i’m gonna update a few things and see you guys tomorrow morning


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